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In 2000, LaunchPad Studios was birthed out of a need to produce multiple Worship CD’s for YWAM’s “School of Worship.” We found we had a love for capturing music and started building the studio as a mobile recording studio. Since the business was established in 2010, we have developed into a full production recording studio and learning center empowering artists to discover, create, refine and capture their unique talents.


LaunchPad Studios’ recording engineer uses the most up to date, state of the art recording equipment and techniques. Years of experience are applied in order to capture the best sound for each of our clients.


Our mixing engineer utilizes high-end plugins and outboard gear to apply drum quantization, pitch correction, effects, levels and tone equalization.


In this final step of production, our mastering engineer uses skilled ears and techniques to add gain, equalization, compression/limiting, and optimize a mix for distribution.

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LaunchPad TEAM


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Mike is the owner and operator of LaunchPad Studios where he has been priveleged to work with many gifted artists since 2001 in the Denver area and around the world. Born in New York, raised in Iowa and schooled in California, he now lives in Arvada, Colorado with his wife and 4 children. Music continues to be his passion as he helps to capture and portray the hearts of all he works with.


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Alli is the Co-Director and Instructor at LaunchPad Studios. She graduated with a Bachelors of Music from Arizona State University in 2008. She plays piano and guitar, sings, and enjoys writing music. Alli works with students who are eager to learn music for personal growth and deliver effective and meaningful performances. Whether a student is preparing for a performance or playing in solitude, Alli prepares each person to give their heart and their best for a fulfilling musical experience. Alli has been with LaunchPad Studios since 2014.


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Born in a small town near Toronto, Canada, John moved to Denver in 1995. With an education in music, but a passion for God, John married the two through Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Denver. He developed and ran school of worship, toured with bands, and started developing LaunchPad Studios as a mobile recording studio. In leaving YWAM in 2010, the Connor family founded LaunchPad Studios and started building the dream.